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Building your website with efficiency.

Just because a website uses a template doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. In fact – a lot of the website’s you’ve visited have probably used template features in one place or another.

Templates allow for a sleek and clean website to be built with speed and efficiency without sacrificing on design & ease of navigation.

Every single element of this website has been built using templates! Even the Header and Footer!

What we use.

In the past, Web HD have used a variety of web designing software, such as Avada & Divi, in combination with plug-ins and default features that WordPress provides. Going forward, we are streamlining our business by using one consistent page builder throughout all our sites – Elementor Pro.

Elementor is easy to use and great for those getting started, whilst also maintaining a large skill ceiling. This mean’s it’s perfect for us to hand over the completed sites with confidence that the owner can make tweaks, changes and updates to the site hassle free with little to no coding knowledge necessary. 

Flexibility & Responsiveness

Elementor Pro features a wide variety of features to help your site stand out and feel alive! From sleek, subtle entrance animations to bold, attention grabbing animations as seen with the image to the right. 

Elementor also allows easy access to Desktop, Tablet & Mobile responsiveness, to ensure that your site look’s it’s very best on any platform.

Do not get discouraged by the term ‘template’. All templates are easily moldable to fit whatever theme and design you would like, including the colour palette used, font choices and more!

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